Network Support Services

When your company’s network is down, your business loses money and productivity. You need a reliable network support team on call, to bring your systems online. When you are being partner with Rushda Soft, you get fast, personalized network support services 24/7 hours.

Network Support

To ensure getting the quickest solution to network support issues, you need to call a trusted network service provider. For decades, Rushda Soft has been solving headaches for businesses of all sizes. The team of Rushda Soft begins working on your network issues from the moment you contact us.

The network system may crash because of

With all these factors working against network infrastructure, it isn’t a question of whether or not network system will fail, it’s a matter of when. When it happens, do you have the most reliable support services on your side?




Proactive Maintenance

Your network is only as good as the infrastructure that supports it. Rushda Soft network services cover routine maintenance, testing, and updates to your network to keep your systems up and running smoothly and prevent breakdown and failure before it happens.

Dedicated Tech Team

How can Rushda Soft respond to your network problems so quickly? Rushda Soft has a team of highly skilled and trained technicians on call whenever you need them. Our teams have been providing network support services for decades, and there is no issue too big or small for us to tackle for your company.

On-Site IT Support

Sometimes, your IT problems need a one-on-one, in-person approach. Rushda Soft has a team ready to provide network support services directly at the source of the problem. Rushda Soft promises IT network support, when and where you need it.

Support Desk

Rushda Soft is available for network support 24/7. Your team will get to work from the moment you contact us. Sometimes the problem can be fixed through remote services via phone call, screen sharing, or remote access (assuming control of the affected computer while off-site). Other times, you may need the team to come to your office to address your network issues. Either way, our team is ready to solve your infrastructure emergencies quickly and thoroughly.

Service Level Agreement

Rushda Soft will outline every covered service in your service level agreement to eliminate surprise costs and uncovered services. Rushda Soft provides several packages—everything from complete coverage to remote-only or tools-only support. Rushda Soft will help you find a service level agreement just right for your business’s IT network support needs.

Other Services

Rushda soft provides network support services. We are also ready to tackle all your IT needs, including

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Rushda Soft Network Support Solutions

Our Managed Remote Solution allows you to connect to your network from anywhere, in 5 seconds or less on average. Multiple connection support for Mac and PC.

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Cloud Services & Support of your network

Rushda Soft manages and supports cloud apps, infrastructure, and architecture so your business can get the most of your cloud-based tools.

Having your infrastructure and applications hosted in the cloud removes the burden of having to manage them in-house, bringing you peace of mind

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