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Rushda Soft aims to protect your confidentiality and provide you with a comfortable experience of working with our website, products, and services.

This Privacy Policy explains who we are, why and how we collect and work with personalized data, and the rights you have as a User when you provide us with any personal information, as well as how you can get in touch with us should you need to do so.

Rushda Soft reserves the right to update and modify this Privacy Policy at any time and for any reason.

The date of the latest Privacy Policy update can be seen in the “Last Updated” line at the top of this page.

Who we are is a website (referred to as the “Site”) of Code & Pepper sp. z o.o. (” We”, “us”, “our” or “Code & Pepper“). You can contact us on our Contact Page

We use website tracking technologies (commonly known as “Cookies”). Cookies are data that are stored on your device when you use our Site and recalled as part of your continued use. Cookies can typically be set to expire shortly after they are needed, or retained on your device to help recognize you on future visits to our Site.

This Cookies Statement explains how we use Cookies. By using our Site and you consent to receive the Cookies set out below.

Rushda Soft are providing Software Development, Mobile applications, Digital Marketing, Domain, and Hosting. Our contact information and address are provided at the bottom of this Privacy Policy.

Additional information about the processing of your data can be introduced in offer descriptions, additional statements on confidentiality, or notifications shown at times personal data are being collected.

Rushda Soft websites might have their Privacy Policy with a description of the procedure with which your personal information is processed on these websites.

If a notification is displayed during the collection of data, or a confidentiality statement of a specific website or solution contradicts this Privacy Policy, the statement or notification will prevail over this Policy.

Domain and Hosting

Rushda Soft is the sole owner of the information collected on this site. We will not sell, share, or rent this information to others in ways different from what is disclosed in this statement. collects information from our users at several different points on our website. We may use the information we collect from you when you register, make a purchase, sign up for our newsletter, respond to a survey or marketing communication, surf the website, or use certain other site features in the following ways: is proud of its focus on compliance and good standing as a hosting provider, which is why we apply our Know Your Customer (KYC) process when registering for a new Customer account. We use state-of-the-art technology to quickly and automatically verify your business details. By entering your billing portal or order or requesting a Quotation, you consent that Rushda Soft is applying its KYC Customer Verification procedure and shall process any personal data involved for this purpose. We hereby have duly informed you of the legitimate purpose and legal grounds for such consent.

Whose personal data do we process?

We can process your data if:

  • You are a client or vendor of rushdasoft (or are interested in becoming one);
  • You use products and/or services that have been developed by us;
  • You work for our client and/or vendor or someone who uses services and/or products that have been developed by us;
  • You are a client (or work for a client), who we want to tell about and offer our services and/or products;
  • You are our employee, subcontractor, or are interested in working with us.

Whose data do we not process?

We deliberately do not request or collect personal data of children under 13 years of age and do not offer them our services. If we discover that a person under the age of 13 has given us their data without parental approval, we will take all necessary measures to delete this information.

Rushda Soft recommends parents and guardians oversee the actions of children on the Internet. If you believe that we may have been given personal information from a person who hasn’t yet reached the age of consent in your jurisdiction without the necessary approval, please tell us, and we will take all necessary measures.

What kind of personal information do we collect?

We can process personal information that has been provided directly by you or by a third party.

We can process your data if:

  • Your name;
  • Information about your employer, subdivision, and official duties;
  • Your address, phone number, email address, or any other contact details (personal and/or work, depending on the type of relationship we have with you or the entity which employs you);

Personal information given to us during phone conversations, email correspondence, the use of our website (information gathered when you register to receive newsletters; place an order; participate in a contest, advertising campaign, or survey; form submits when you are reporting a problem), or during a time when you are taking actions for your employer;

Information regarding any cooperation between Rushda Soft and you or your employer (such as requesting specifications for products we’ve developed and/or services we have provided to you or your employer);

Other personal information that is necessary to draft and/or execute an agreement and/or contract with you or your employer (such as the right to process your commercial information, information received from credit history agencies, or any other information stipulated in an agreement between Rushda Soft and you, your employer, or any other third party to which you are somehow connected and/or related);

Information about events to which you or any party connected and/or related to you have been invited, as well as your personal information and preferences in the case when these are required for organizing and overseeing these events (such as your preferences regarding catering);

Any personal information you provide us with or which we receive during your visits (such as when you are registered on our surveillance systems or register at the reception when visiting any of the Rushda Soft offices, or if you provide us with registration information of your vehicle);

Personal information which you provide us with while visiting our website, including:

  • Technical information including the IP address which you use to connect to the Internet.
  • Your registration information.
  • The type and version of your browser.
  • Your time zone.
  • Versions and information about your browser plugins.
  • Your operating system and platform.
  • Information about your visit, including visited URLs.
  • Your browsing history across our website.
  • Information about the time and date when you visited our website.
  • Services and pages that you saw and searched for.
  • Time spent on each page.
  • Page response time.
  • Information on your activities on any page of our website (such as scrolling and mouse clicks or hovers).
  • Ways in which you landed on pages as well as the phone number or social buttons you used to get in touch with us.

If you provide with data of/from third parties (such as their names, email addresses, phone numbers, etc.), you guarantee that you have the rights to do so. This includes, but is not limited to, forwarding referential or marketing materials to your friends or sharing information on open vacancies.

Third parties can opt-out of future messages by clicking the corresponding link in the original message or by getting in touch with us at

In certain cases, Rushda Soft and partner third-parties can automatically collect data using browser cookies, weblogs, web beacons, and other similar applications and attachments.

This information is used for analysis, improving the convenience and efficiency of our website, and to help us provide you with relevant and interesting materials and offers.

Additional information about this is available in our Cookie Policy.

Cookie files

The Terms of rushdasoft’s use of cookie files to collect and process personal information are provided in our Cookie Policy. Please read it.

What we do with your personal information

We process your personal information for the following reasons:

Advertising and sales activities as well as presenting information about our services and products (in ways that we determine ourselves);

Creating and executing contracts and agreements with you or your employer to:

 Provide services to clients and other users of these services;

 Receive goods and services from vendors;

 Control our relationship with clients, vendors, and other parties who use our services or products, wherein you or your employer can be the client, user, or vendor of goods and services for the aforementioned goals;

Administering our website by the conditions stipulated in the agreement and for internal processing, including fixes of defects, data analysis, testing, investigating, and collecting statistics and surveys;

Improving our website to provide content in the most effective way for you and the device you are using;

Improving safety during your visit of our website and use of our products and services;

Evaluation and understanding of the efficiency of the advertising that we display to you and other parties as well as displaying relevant advertising;

Providing tips and recommendations on services that could be interesting to you or your employer by your preferences (where applicable).

To whom do we disclose your personal information?

We can share your data with:

Any member of our company, including subsidiaries, affiliated companies, individual business units, and their subsidiaries, affiliated companies, and business units.

Certain third parties, including:

Our business partners, clients, vendors, and subcontractors to execute any agreements and contracts which we draw, or other deal and/or transaction that takes place during our work with you or your employer;

Our auditors, legal consultants, and other professional consultants or

We can share data collected via our website with:

Our advertisers and advertising networks need this data to select and display relevant ads to you and others. We do not disclose any data that can personally identify you to advertisers, but we do provide general data about our users. We can also use this general data to help advertisers display ads to our target audience. We can use your data to demonstrate ads of our advertisers and their target audience by the article about using Cookies displayed in this Policy

Providers of analytics and search engines help us improve and optimize our website by the article about using Cookies displayed in this Policy.

Other cases of revealing personal data

We can disclose your personal information to third parties:

In the case of selling or purchasing any business or assets (including, but not limited to, our business and assets). In this case, we can disclose your personal information to a potential seller or buyer of said business or assets by the conditions of this Privacy Policy. If our business and all our assets will be purchased by a third party, all personal data that they receive about clients will be part of the transferred assets;

To complete any lawful obligations or for completing or abidance of any contract conditions, conditions of service provisions, or other agreements made with complete required to disclose or share your data to achieve the goals stipulated in these agreements;

To protect the rights, property, and security of Rushda Soft, our clients, our employees, and other users. This includes sharing information with other companies and organizations (including law enforcement) to prevent fraud and other risks.

Use of social plugins as part of social media

We use one category of Cookies as follows: “Analytics Cookies”.

We and our service providers use cookies to track your visit so that we can analyze how our Site is used. For this, we use some third-party services. The cookies used on the website come from several providers, as detailed below:

Facebook conversion tracking is an analytics service provided by Facebook Corporation that connects data from the Facebook advertising network with actions performed and  See:

LinkedIn conversion tracking is an analytics service provided by LinkedIn Corporation that connects data from the LinkedIn advertising network with actions performed on and sees:

Removing Cookies

You can remove cookies at any time by clearing these Cookies from your browser. You can also set your browser to refuse to accept Cookies. Refer to your browser’s “Help” function for further details.

Because we use different methods to set Cookies, we recommend clearing all saved content (sometimes called “Browsing Data”) from your browser, including those marked as “Cookies”, “Indexed DB” and “Local Storage”.

Google Analytics

To provide website visitors with more choice on how data is collected by Google Analytics, Google has developed the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on. The add-on communicates with the Google Analytics code on our Site to stop data from being sent to the Google Analytics servers. The Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on applies to Google Analytics only and does not affect usage of our Site in any other way. The Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on is not provided by Code & Pepper and its use is subject to Google, Inc.’s terms of use. A link to further information on the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on is provided below for your convenience:

Forums and topical chats

If you are participating in a Forum discussion, local communities, or thematic chats on websites, please remember that your information (your profile) will be widely accessible to other users and can be used to get in touch with you, sending you unwanted messages, or to accomplish goals that are beyond the control of Furthermore, be aware that some forums and chats may have additional usage Terms and Conditions. Rushda Soft is not responsible for the information (personal or otherwise) that is shared on these forums and in these chats. To request the deletion of your personal information from our blog or forum community, please get in touch with us at Contact Us

In some cases, we will not be able to remove your personal information. In cases like these, we will tell you about this and give you reasons why this is the case.

What is the legal basis of the processing of your data?

When processing your personal information we draw upon:

  • Your explicit agreement to the processing of your data for specific purposes (like direct marketing). Along with this, we get your permission to process your data (please refer to sections below which explain how you can opt-out of this processing).
  • Without your agreement, we will only process your data in cases when it is necessary to
  • Execute an agreement between you (or your employer) and take the necessary steps for drawing out this agreement;
  • To abide by legal requirements that we have taken upon ourselves;
  • In legal interests pursued by us or another party under the condition that these interests are not against your interests or the laws and regulations that demand the protection of your data (most conditions under which we process your data fall under the relationship characteristics between and your employer will fall under this category).

How long do we process your data?

We process personal data as long as it takes to achieve the goal (goals) for which this data was originally collected. After this, your data will be deleted or transferred to an archive, except for cases when it is necessary to continue the processing of your data to abide by the legal obligations that we have or other rightful and legal purposes.

Where we process your data

If we receive personal data while we are providing services, we will take all necessary measures to guarantee:

  • Abidance to all necessary security measures that pervade over the data;
  • That your data is secure by this Privacy Policy.

We adhere to all commonly accepted industry standards for the protection of personal information that has been shared with us during the data transfer and the receipt of such data.

  • All processed personal information is stored on secure servers.
  • All payment transactions are encrypted with corresponding keys and technologies.

If we provide you with (or you chose a) password that gives you access to certain parts of our website or systems, you are responsible for the security and confidentiality of this password. We ask you to please not share this password with anyone.

Unfortunately, data transfers via the Internet are not completely secure. Despite our best efforts to protect your data, we can’t guarantee the security of the data given to our website. Therefore, any data transfer is at your own risk.

As soon as we receive your data we can apply strict procedures and security measures to prevent unauthorized access to it.

You must understand that websites that are linked to our website (or websites) and email correspondence from may have a different Privacy Policy that differs from this Privacy Policy.

To protect your confidentiality, we recommend that you read the confidentiality clause and privacy policies of these websites, applications, and other digital resources.

Personal data security

We protect the data we have been trusted with and process them in accordance with this Policy. Rushda Soft takes physical, administrative, and technological steps to ensure the security of this personal data from unsanctioned access, usage, and distribution. In accordance with our agreements, we also demand that our vendors and partners protect this data from unsanctioned access, usage, and distribution. However, because we have no way of guaranteeing the complete security of data on the Internet, we cannot provide you with a complete guarantee of the security of the data you share with us.

Storage of personal information

We store your data and use it for the goals with which this data was collected. We store and process your data to comply with business demands, lawful obligations, dispute settlement, protection of our assets, and implementation of agreements.

How to use the right to access your data?

You can use your right to access your data in the following ways:

Please note that to comply with all necessary security measures, before giving you access to information based on your request we may need to ask you to provide additional data to confirm your identity.

Our contact details: Rushda Soft, address: 2/Ka, 2nd floor, Haji Dilgoni Market, Mohammadpur, Dhaka – 1207, Phone: +88 02 222245587, Mobile: +880 1991997851- 60, Email:

Your Consent

By using this Web site, you consent to the terms of our Privacy Policy and our processing of Personal Information for the purposes given above as well as those explained where we collect Personal Information on the Web.

Changes to this privacy policy

All changes made to this Privacy Policy in the future will be published on this page and, if necessary, will be sent to you by email. Please visit this Privacy Policy page from time to time to avoid missing important updates to our Privacy Policy.

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